Royal Ventures Construction & Development, Inc.

A construction and property development company duly registered in the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and primarily engaged in housing projects and subdivision development in the Philippines. RVCDI utilizes an innovative, efficient, and durable building technology, developed by the Royal Group Technologies, Ltd of Canada- known as the Royal Building System. RVCDI is affiliated with the Canadian group of companies and has been given the sole distributorship of this unique housing technology in the Philippines. RVCDI likewise acts as the development and construction arm of Royal Group Technologies, Ltd. (CND) in the country.


COMPANY MISSION: The company specifically aims to make a niche in the real estate construction and development industry - focusing on the development of low-cost to mid-end subdivision projects and the construction of medium rise buildings for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

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The Royal Building System

Integrated Building Technology
Construction Solutions of Wide
Applications Without Compromise

The Royal Building System comprises modular wall components in varying sizes, as well as frame openings and trim accessories. Its flexibility allows for the design and construction of a wide range of building applications.

Solid Concrete Technology
Built Tough - Built to Last!
Earthquake & Typhoon-Resistant

The Royal Building System combines the strength of CONCRETE with the durability and versatility of advanced POLYMER technology to build structures that have survived tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes.

Quality Polymers & Structures
Beauty & Maintenance Free
All-Weather & 'Anay"- Resistant

The Royal Building System provides a maintenance-free wall finish. All you need is water and detergent to bring the walls back to its smooth beige finish, even after years of usage. The walling system will not leak or rot, is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and will not fade nor warp, chemically-protected and, thus, will not support mold and mildew growth, and acts as an effective deterrent to termites, "anay", and other pests.

Manufacturing plant - Argentina

Less Manning Requirements
Competitive Cost - Increased Bottom Line
The wall components are prefabricated and cut to length. Walls arrive on the construction site ready to be assembled. Only half of the manning complement required of any conventional housing technology and less time is needed to build any structure with the use of the Royal Building System. And because wall components are made with rigid polymers, less bracing is required before concrete is poured, further reducing construction costs.

Superior Insulation Options
Cool Tested Energy Efficiency,
Fire & Heat-Resistant

Flexible insulation options, along with the benefits of thermal mass of concrete, result in superior energy, efficiency ratings. The 8" (200 mm) wall is pre-insulated with 2 1/8" (54mm) of polyurethane insulation that provides an
R22 energy efficiency rating. The system is, likewise, rated as fire-resistant.

Easy & Flexible to Design
Reduced Design Time
The Royal Building System can be easily configured into wall structures without the usual associated design costs. The Royal Building System proprietary design software, RBSD for AutoCAD, further enhances and simplifies the design process to suit any taste, any size, any architectural type - local or international.

Finishing Options
Unparalleled Finishing Flexibility
The wall components are available in various finished colors. The surface of the walls can also be covered with conventional materials including siding, stucco, dry wall and other common finishing materials

Custom home - Honolulu, Hawaii

The "Royal Building System" is a revolutionary construction technology that combines traditional poured-in-place concrete technology with special modular polymer panels. This patented system, which was introduced in 1991, has been used with increasing frequency around the world in residential, industrial, institutional, agricultural and commercial construction.

Likewise, it has been used for low, mid, high-end, as well as for multi-story and high-rise construction projects. It is resistant to all weather and environment conditions, earthquake, typhoon, hurricane wind lift loads, fire, water, mildew, termite and air penetration.

Durability - As evidenced by our experience in the 1995 Kobe and Russia earthquakes and the 1997 Guam and Antigua hurricanes, our buildings are structurally sound to withstand these and other natural calamities.

Beauty & Quality - The system is ISO-certified and our designs and finishes are flexible to suit any taste worldwide.

Maintenance Free - With RBS panels, only water and detergent are needed to restore them to their quality smooth beige finish even after years of usage.

Recognized and Certified Worldwide !

ISO-Certified (International)
guaranteeing its quality.

The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council KABALIKAT SA PABAHAY AWARDS 2003
December 10, 2003
Malacañang Palace, Manila


Passed all criteria standards for Accreditation for Innovative Technologies (AITECH) issued by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) in the Philippines.

. . . . and also . . .

- BOCA-Approved
  (Building Officials and Code  
  Administrators Services, Inc.
  in the United States)

- CCMC-Approved
  (Canadian Construction Material Centre)