Taliba, Burbank, Los Angeles. U.S.A.- 2002-11-14

CREBA, Phil. & CREBA, USA Officers at the interview session for RADIO MANILA. Standing from left: Leon Katz, CREBA, USA Sec. General, Rafael Pula, CREBA, USA Chairman, Oscar Jornacion, Radio Manila President, Jun Dulalia, CREBA, Phil. President, Orly Bongat, CREBA Phil. Director, Mayor Felix Marinas, former Antipolo Mayor, Joe Abadesco, RVCDI President, Porthos Alma Jose, CREBA Phil. Director Seated: Jing-Jing Cuchon, V.P. - Marketing Extraordinary, Awee Abayari, EVP Radio Manila, Susan Barlin, CREBA, USA President, Emie Talaue V.P. - Marketing, Duraville Realty.
Royal Ventures Booth at the CREBA, USA Real Estate Roadshow, Carson Civic Center, Carson City, California. From left: Bernardo Bernardo, Jun Dulalai, CREBA, Phil. President & wife, Art Villanueva, President of L.A. Capizenos Club & wife, Virgie, Joe V. Abadesco, RVCDI President.

Pretty soon the Philippines will not only be a favorite destination by world
travelers, but will find it an ideal place for their retirement, second home or
for their investment.

The Chamber of Realtors and Builders Association, Inc. or CREBA, which is not
going global, is making this possible.

The organization's first international chapter, CREBA-USA was officially
launched over the weekend with a two-day exhibition "Roadshow Sa Carson" held at
the Civic Center.

Officials of CREBA Philippines together with leading developers, builders,
contractors, realtors and bankers flew in to showcase the best of Philippine
properties during the two-day event organized by CREBA-USA first president Susan
Barlin of Barlin and Associates.

The two-day exhibition drew a big crowd of interested buyers some of them made
purchases right there and then.

The Philippine National Bank was on hand to provide the financing plan available
under its "Own A Home Loan Program." This is being implemented in support of the
government's "Buy A Home Back Home Program," that encourages Filipino-Americans
to invest in Philippine properties to help improve the economy.

CREBA-USA offers many benefits to interested buyers and investors. Among these
are attractive incentives in the forms of tax and investment opportunities for
those deciding to retire in the Philippines. These incentives are offered to
both Americans and Filipino-Americans.

For the Americans, they will be given a special residency visa for a certain
amount of time to give themselves the opportunities to experience life in the
Philippines, before deciding to retire permanently in the country. During their
special residency, the Americans can choose from a number of resorts, hotels,
apartels, condominiums or townhouses, which are under the "Leisure and
Retirement Authority" program. It was estimated that with only a monthly budget
of $1200, the Americans would enjoy an elegant lifestyle in the Philippines.

For the Filipino Americans, they may enjoy the same benefits as the Filipinos
with the approval of the dual citizenship. However, details are still being
threshed out, specifically those concerning property ownership in the

On top of these, buying from CREBA-USA will ensure you of no-fly-by night deals.

The properties being sold under CREBA-USA include investment properties,
retirement houses, time-shares, golf courses, resorts and villas.

The beautiful U.S. standard homes are being sold from as low as $6000 to high
ends $35,000, which are privately guarded, with swimming pool and other sports
facilities, and with all amenities of a comfortable and elegant lifestyle.

For those of you who missed the two-day exhibition, you can check out the
properties that suit your need and want from CREBA-USA at the offices of Barlin
& Associates on 519 W. Carson Street, #201 Carson California, you can call them
at telephone (310) 629-9091 and ask for Susan Barlin or Leon Katz. This writer
can be reached at [email protected].

(from TALIBA - sec. COMMUNITY pg. 14)