Royal Ventures Joins 2003 Philippine-American Convention & Exposition in U.S.
California Examiner- 2004-01-07

Royal Ventures Group of Companies is one of eight (8) developers who joined the 4-day housing exhibit in San Diego & Los Angeles, California last Nov. 22-23 & Nov.28-29 respectively, organized by the First Tri-Media Group of Companies. Other developers who made their projects available in these events are : Homeowners Development Corp., Techno-Asia Cons. & Dev.,Inc., Goldland Philippines Corp., Ayala Land, Pacific Concord Properties, Inc., Lexber, Inc., and Camp John Hay.

Realizing the potential of the Filipino-American $57M market & their role in helping the economy of our country & cognizant of the economic difficulty the Philippines is currently undergoing, these developers, particularly the Royal Ventures Group of Companies, have decided to reach out to their fellow countrymen in the U.S. to invite them to invest in the Philippines through acquisition of real estate properties.

Still wondering what best to give to relatives (your parents, brothers, or sisters) in the Philippines ? What better gift than a house & lot in the Philippines for Christmas !!! Shouldering the equity portion, i.e. the 30 % down payment of the total contract price in the purchase of a house & lot, would be a very much appreciated gift and a very big help for your loved ones in the Philippines. With the current financial take-out package existing in the country, your dear relative can then easily afford the monthly amortization. For instance, if the H/L package is US$30,000, shouldering 30 % of that cost, i.e. US$900 would then enable them to easily continue the monthly amortization & further enable them to acquire his or her dream house. Isn't this a wonderful thing to do for a loved one at this season of giving ?

Real estate investment, particularly purchase of a house & lot in the Philippines, benefits not only the beneficiary - your loved ones - but also hundreds of our kababayans & our country as a whole, by providing livelihood to our fellow Filipinos, alleviate the country's employment problem, and consequently help in improving the Philippine economy. Real estate construction & subdivision development is the prime-pumper of our economy by providing impetus to other related industries - labour, cement, wood, steel, paint, sand & gravel among others - enabling money to circulate more and, therefore, giving a lot more people more purchasing power to help boost the economy.

Royal Ventures Group of Companies (RVGC) is one of the leading players in the Philippine subdivision development & house construction industry. It is an SEC-registered Filipino corporation in joint-venture with a Canadian company, the Royal Group Technology, Ltd. of Canada. RVGC brings to the Philippines a unique Canadian housing technology, called the Royal Building System (RBS), giving Filipinos durable, beautiful, decent, & affordable housing. The Royal Building System is a concrete, steel-reinforced system of interlocking PVC-based wall panels, which slides into one another, with hollow in between where concrete is poured after the electrical and plumbings are put into place - making the house resistant to earthquake, typhoons, hurricanes, water, termites, and mildew. The panels are pre-painted, are chemically-treated, & ultra-violet ray resistant; therefore the panels will not warp & the paint inside & outside will not fade; the walls will not absorb heat, & thus the house is cool even if the temperature outside is hot. It is non-toxic & non-combustible, & therefore fire & heat-resistant. The panels are also maintenance-free; all you have to do is wipe it w/ water & detergent & the wall goes back to its original smooth biege finish.

The company, thus, makes available to all Filipinos, both in the Philippines & overseas, houses that are durable, decent, beautiful, and affordable.

RVGC has projects located in regions where developments are on-going and facilities are in place, like transportation, shopping malls, markets & groceries, government offices, churches, schools, and recreational centers. The company has subdivision projects in Mexico, Pampanga in the north; San Mateo, Rizal in the east; and Paranaque City, San Pedro, Laguna, Canlubang, Laguna, & Dasmarinas, Cavite in the south. These subdivisions are gated communities with 24-hour security complete with facilities like a swimming pool, a multi-purpose hall, basketball courts, children’s playground, and lots of open spaces. The project in Mexico, Pampanga – a 60-hectare property has a La Salle-supervised school inside the subdivision, providing a subsidized tuition fee for the resident’s children & neighboring municipalities.

The Canlubang & Paranaque projects are good retirement and investment locations. Those who prefer a country-side atmosphere with city life comfort can choose from the five basic house models in Royal Carmel Homes, Canlubang. Others who prefer a city life style inside a bustling municipality can get their units in our Residencia Nora Luisa project within Paranaque City. Price ranges of these two projects starts from a low of US$15,000.00 to a high of US$69,000.00 in Royal Carmel Homes, Canlubang and US$72,000.00 for the Residencia Nora Luisa units in Paranaque City.

For further inquiries you may contact any of our brokers, as follows : In Los Angeles, Mr.Rafael Pula w/Tel.# (323) 3443500; in San Diego, Mr & Mrs. Jayne & Nario Domingo w/ Tel.# (619) 3032983 or Mobile # (619) 8615770; in Cambria, San Luis Obispo, Ms. Joanne Mislang w/ Tel. # (805) 9271927; and in Orlando, Florida, Mr. Tony Zeman w/ Tel.# (407) 5782244 or Mobile # (407)