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Combining Canadian technology with Filipino ingenuity and creativity

What are your houses made of?
The columns and beams of the house are made up of reinforced concrete. The exterior walls are made from the Canadian housing technology, the "Royal Building System" (RBS), the same with the walls for toilets and baths. This award-winning Canadian housing technology provides homeowners with a worry-free house - worry free from the devastating force of hurricanes, typhoones, storms, fire, mildew, rust, and termites. The RBS panels are UV-protected, pre-painted and are almost maintenance-free. You need only to wash with water & detergent to bring it back to its original clean, glossy beige finish. Interior walls are double-walled fiber cement boards on metal frames as well as the ceilings. The roof is made of quality materials (e.g. longspan metal) supported by steel frames. The second floor is made of reinforced concrete, finished with vinyl or your choice of either local or imported wood parquet. Windows are steel casement windows or aluminum powder-coated for the discerning homebuyer. The main door is solid wood panel and the interior doors are carved Medium Density Fiber (MDF) boards.