Royal Ventures Group of Companies

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Combining Canadian technology with Filipino ingenuity and creativity

Why should I consider you from all the companies offering the same packages?

Royal Ventures Group of Companies is backed up by several years of experience in the house construction industry in the Philippines, as well as solid years of experience of our Canadian partner, the Royal Group Technology, Ltd, (CND) in the house construction and technology business worldwide. Our projects have set the trend in the real estate industry in terms of masterplanning, subdivision design, features and amenities. We provide our property owners the complete service they need for acquiring that perfect property and building their home. We have the widest array of house plans and designs that would fit your immediate and future needs. Not only are our houses beautifully designed, they are built using the presidential award-winning and unique Canadian housing technology, the "Royal Building System", and they come with warranties unmatched by any company in the industry. We also offer our own financing for our homebuyers with flexible and affordable terms