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What documents are needed when buying a Royal Ventures lot or house & lot?

There are several documents that are required in purchasing a Royal Ventures property:

For Individual and Corporate Buyers:

• Reservation Agreement

• Buyer’s Information Sheet

For Individual Buyers:

• Certificate of Employment & Compensation from
current employer or photocopy of payslips for the last 6 months

• Photocopy of Income Tax Return for the last 3

• Photocopy of Residence Certificate

• 2 pcs. 1X1 ID picture

• Special Power of Attorney - if necessary (if buyer will be out of the country or is based abroad)

• Affidavit of Waiver - for non-Filipino citizens previously of Filipino citizenship

• Guardianship Papers for Minors

For Corporate Buyers:

• SEC Registration

• Articles of Incorporation and By Laws

• Board Resolution