How can we reserve?
How long does it take to construct the house?
How much do your houses cost?
I have a certain budget for my house, how can I fit it in?
How many house models do you have available?
If I find something I like from among your existing house models, can I modify the house plan?
Do you sell plans of your house designs?
What projects have you made? Can we see them for us to determine your capabilities and work quality?
What are your houses made of?
Can I still negotiate the price?
Do your plans allow for future expansion of the house?
Why should I consider you from all the companies offering the same packages?
How do I get started in acquiring that Royal Ventures property?
Where can payments be made?
What if I am based abroad?
Can I purchase a property even if I’m abroad?
What documents are needed when buying a Royal Ventures lot or house & lot?
What are the documents that Royal Ventures will provide me?
I dont have a car. How Do i get to the ff subdivisions.